Cosmetic Training

Introductory Courses

The Hamilton Face Clinic provides cosmetic training to doctors and those in the medical profession who are interested in learning the basics about how to provide anti-wrinkle treatments.

The courses are designed to teach you all the essential information you require to start and have well balanced mixture of science and hands on practical training.

You will finish the course with confidence and an ability to provide treatments in the safest possible way.

Advanced Courses

Dr Mark Hamilton trains each individual the basics however there are advanced courses for those who have been providing treatments in the past and wish to progress to the next level.

Please contact us for further information and dates of the next available training sessions.


Contact Us

028 9575 7270 (N. Ireland)

015143527 (Rep. Ireland)

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Working as cabin crew and flying the next day I was worried about the lips looking swollen as they had been when I had tried lip enhancement with someone else before. Thank you for reassuring me and helping me to choose the right product to give my lips the perfect pout. Worked the next day and no swelling or bruising whatsoever. Im delighted with my new lips!

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